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CYR, NORA       Married 1916       HITCHCOCK, SAMUEL
CYR, NORA       Married 1916       HITCHOCK, RICHARD
CYR, NORA       Married 1983       MORRIS, EDWARD
CYR, NORBERT       Married 1924       PELLETIER, CECILE
CYR, NORMA       Married 1973       CIPKO, DAVID
CYR, NORMA       Married 1986       GWINN, RAYMOND
CYR, NORMA       Married 1950       HOULE, ROGER
CYR, NORMA       Married 1962       LAVIN, CHARLES
CYR, NORMA       Married 1949       OUELLETTE, ROGER
CYR, NORMAN       Married 1954       ATHERTON, SANDRA
CYR, NORMAN       Married 1960       BLAKE, FRANCINE
CYR, NORMAN       Married 1982       BLEDSOE, JOYCE
CYR, NORMAN       Married 1984       GENDREAU, LINDA
CYR, NORMAN       Married 1923       HOLLIDAY, EUNICE
CYR, NORMAN       Married 1946       MCCARTY, PAULINE
CYR, NORMAN       Married 1990       MICHAUD, MICHELE
CYR, NORMAN       Married 1947       NELSON, SHIRLEY
CYR, NORMAN       Married 1943       OUELLETTE, THERESA
CYR, NORMAND       Married 1964       FERLAND, MAJELLA
CYR, NORMAND       Married 1963       LEHOUX, JEANNINE
CYR, NORMAND       Married 1948       PREZZON, MARIA
CYR, NORMAND       Married 1945       ROY, BERNICE
CYR, NÉRÉE       Married 1926       MARTIN, YVONNE
CYR, OBELINE       Married 1878       FOURNIER, ALFRED

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