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CYR, NELSON       Married 1959       KING, BARBARA
CYR, NELSON       Married 1991       LIAND, SANDRA
CYR, NELSON       Married 1946       PELLETIER, MARIE
CYR, NEREE       Married 1926       MARTIN, YVONNE
CYR, NESTOISEE       Married 1894       LEGACY, JR
CYR, NICHOL       Married 1993       ARCHIE, WAYNE
CYR, NICOLE       Married 1979       CHAMPAGNE, MICHEL
CYR, NICOLE       Married 1964       CHEVRIER, FERNAND
CYR, NOE       Married 1882       COMTOIS, MELINA
CYR, NOE       Married 1872       JÉROME DIT RÉGIMBAL, ROSE
CYR, NOE       Married 1933       THIBODEAU, AURORE
CYR, NOE CYPRIEN       Married 1882       COMTOIS, MELINA
CYR, NOEL       Married 1936       BELANGER, JULIENNE
CYR, NOEL       Married 1960       LAFLAMME, ANNETTE
CYR, NOELLA       Married 1957       HOYT, DAVID
CYR, NOELLA       Married 1951       MICHAUD, LIONEL
CYR, NOELLA       Married 1958       OUELLETTE, HERMAN
CYR, NOLA       Married 1944       COCHRAN, JOHN
CYR, NORA       Married 1916       HITCHCOCK, RICHARD
CYR, NORA       Married 1916       HITCHCOCK, SAMUEL
CYR, NORA       Married 1916       HITCHOCK, RICHARD
CYR, NORA       Married 1983       MORRIS, EDWARD
CYR, NORBERT       Married 1924       PELLETIER, CECILE

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