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CYR, MILDRED       Married 1937       MCCONNELL, RUSSELL
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1955       RICHARD, LAWRENCE
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1950       RIVARD, JEAN
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1989       SERRANO, PEDRO
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1930       WELDEN, LAURENCE
CYR, MILDRES       Married 1905       DILLON, THOS
CYR, MILFORD       Married 1959       MICHAUD, JULIETTE
CYR, MILFORD       Married 1940       ROY, BLANCHE
CYR, MILFORD       Married 1926       ST, JOHN      
CYR, MILFORD       Married 1926       ST JEAN, SUZANNE
CYR, MILTON       Married 1958       LABONTE, DOROTHY
CYR, MINA       Married 1920       GOODING, CLARENCE
CYR, MINA       Married 1933       HILTON, RONALD
CYR, MINNIE       Married 1930       COLE, CHARLES
CYR, MINNIE       Married 1919       PACKARD, ROY
CYR, MINNIE       Married 1903       PETERS, MERTON
CYR, MINNIE       Married 1954       VIOLETTE, LEO
CYR, MITCHELL       Married 1979       LEE, JACQUELYNNE
CYR, MITCHELL       Married 1929       MORIN, PHILOMENE
CYR, MITCHELL       Married 1984       PURDY, SHELLEY
CYR, MODEST       Married 1892       THERIAULT, THADDIE
CYR, MODESTE       Married 1866       ALBERT, DOCITE
CYR, MODESTE       Married 1866       ALBERT, DOCITHE
CYR, MODESTE       Married 1920       BOUCHARD, ALBERT

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