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CYR, NANCY       Married 1961       MARSON, ROLAND
CYR, NANCY       Married 1957       MORIN, ROSAIRE
CYR, NANCY       Married 1995       NITTI, JOHN      
CYR, NANCY       Married 1965       NOYES, BENJAMIN
CYR, NANCY       Married 1922       PARADIS, JOSEPH
CYR, NANCY       Married 1988       PARENT, PATRICK
CYR, NANCY       Married 1984       PATTERSON, BALDO
CYR, NANCY       Married 1961       SHEPHERD, THOMAS
CYR, NANCY       Married 1966       SIRBAUGH, ROBERT
CYR, NANCY       Married 1961       ZIEHLER, LAWRENCE
CYR, NANETTE       Married 1982       CORBIN, STEVEN
CYR, NAPOLEON       Married 1910       CAVASANT, IMALDA
CYR, NAPOLEON       Married 1895       DEVOST, MARIE
CYR, NAPOLEON       Married 1903       DUBE, EUGENIE
CYR, NAPOLEON       Married 1903       DUBÉ, EUGENIE
CYR, NAPOLEON       Married 1914       GAGNON, ODILE
CYR, NAPOLEON       Married 1883       PLOUFFE, ELEONORE
CYR, NAPOLEON       Married 1925       PROVENCHER, JANE
CYR, NAPOLEON       Married 1867       ROUTHIER, MARIE
CYR, NAPOLEON       Married 1914       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, NAPOLEON EDOUARD       Married 1927       ROY, BLANCHE
CYR, NAPOLÂEON       Married 1883       PLOUFFE, ELÂEONORE
CYR, NAPOLÉON       Married 1926       FOURNIER, ANNE M

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