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CYR, MODESTE       Married 1892       THERIAULT, THADDÉE
CYR, MODESTE       Married 1912       THERRIAULT, JOSEPH
CYR, MODESTE       Married 1882       TRUDEL, MAGLOIRE
CYR, MOISE       Married 1840       DUPONT, MATHILDE
CYR, MOISE       Married 1840       DUPONT, MATILDA
CYR, MOISE       Married 1840       DUPONT, MATILDE
CYR, MOISE       Married 1859       FOREST, CELINA
CYR, MOISE       Married 1891       LAMARCHE, EUGENIE
CYR, MOISE       Married 1831       MARTIN, FREDERIC
CYR, MOISE       Married 1900       NAULT, ANNE
CYR, MONA       Married 1949       BOLDUC, NORMAN
CYR, MONA       Married 1952       LECLERC, CLIFFORD
CYR, MONA       Married 1949       STURGEON, NEAL
CYR, MONIQUA       Married 1961       ALLEN, RONALD
CYR, MONIQUE       Married 1823       BEDARD, LOUIS FRANCOIS
CYR, MONIQUE       Married 1977       CRABTREE, KENNETH
CYR, MOSIE       Married 1896       GRANGER, SARAH
CYR, MOZITHE       Married 1847       CYR, MICHEL
CYR, MRGUERITE       Married 1758       BOURGEOIS, JEAN
CYR, MRS       Married 1859       CYR, NARCISSE      
CYR, MULIETTE       Married 1966       ALBERT, PAUL
CYR, MURIEL       Married 1954       LABBE, ELLERY
CYR, MURIEL       Married 1961       PHILBRICK, ELMER

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