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CYR, MELINA       Married 1901       BRIERE, LEON
CYR, MELINA       Married 1943       PROCTOR, LESTER
CYR, MELINA       Married 1936       SWETT, ALVIN
CYR, MELISSA       Married 1988       HAECKER, TOMMY
CYR, MELISSA       Married 1989       HERZOG, DOUGLAS
CYR, MELISSA       Married 1993       HULL, MARK
CYR, MELISSA       Married 1993       KING, JOSEPH
CYR, MELODY       Married 1984       PENDLETON, VIRGIL
CYR, MELONICE       Married 1867       GRANGER, MOISE
CYR, MELVINA       Married 1906       CYR, WILFRED
CYR, MELVINA       Married 1922       MORIN, CHARLES
CYR, MEMORY       Married 1894       DAIGLE, ADOLPHE
CYR, MEMORY       Married 1923       MORROW, JIMMY
CYR, MERLE       Married 1932       STEVENS, EVELYN
CYR, MERNA       Married 1931       CHARTIER, DELBERT
CYR, METHAIDE       Married 1906       MORIN, CYRILLE
CYR, METHAIDE       Married 1897       SMITH, HENRI
CYR, METHAIDE       Married 1897       SMITH, JOHN
CYR, METHAIDE       Married 1882       SOUCY, ELOI
CYR, METHOIDE       Married 1872       DESJARDINS, SOLOMON
CYR, MICHAEL       Married 1984       AKELEY, CARLA
CYR, MICHAEL       Married 1959       AMO, DONNA
CYR, MICHAEL       Married 1996       BASFORD, JENNIFER
CYR, MICHAEL       Married 1978       BERGERON, LINDA

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