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CYR, MICHELINE       Married 1981       DAHLGREN, MICHAEL
CYR, MICHELLE       Married 1988       ANDERSON, WILBUR
CYR, MICHELLE       Married 1993       BOUTOT, ALLAN
CYR, MICHELLE       Married 1979       CYR, LEE      
CYR, MICHELLE       Married 1995       FOURNIER, DANIEL
CYR, MICHELLE       Married 1992       HASCHAK, JOSEPH
CYR, MICHELLE       Married 1986       LAMBERT, TROY
CYR, MICHELLE       Married 1984       MESERVIER, PATRICK
CYR, MICHELLE       Married 1986       SKOCZENSKI, MICHAEL
CYR, MICHELLE       Married 1987       TAYLOR, ERIC
CYR, MIDREL       Married 1894       TARDIF, MARTINE
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1946       EMOND, LEWIS
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1937       LEBLANS, ERIC
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1937       MCCONNELL, RUSSELL
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1955       RICHARD, LAWRENCE
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1950       RIVARD, JEAN
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1989       SERRANO, PEDRO
CYR, MILDRED       Married 1930       WELDEN, LAURENCE
CYR, MILDRES       Married 1905       DILLON, THOS
CYR, MILFORD       Married 1959       MICHAUD, JULIETTE
CYR, MILFORD       Married 1940       ROY, BLANCHE
CYR, MILFORD       Married 1926       ST, JOHN      
CYR, MILFORD       Married 1926       ST JEAN, SUZANNE
CYR, MILTON       Married 1958       LABONTE, DOROTHY

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