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CYR, JASON       Married 1990       DOUGLASS, DELPHIA
CYR, JASON       Married 1995       SPENCER, BRANDI
CYR, JASON       Married 1988       STEVENS, ALMA
CYR, JAY       Married 1983       PLOURDE, LISA      
CYR, JAYLENE       Married 1991       CYR, WILLIAM
CYR, JAYNE       Married 1982       FLAGG, JOHN      
CYR, JAYNE       Married 1995       THOMPSON, FRED
CYR, JAYSON       Married 1969       CYR, KATHRYN
CYR, JAYSON       Married 1997       LEONARD, ELIZABETH
CYR, JB       Married 1920       MARTIN, DELPHINE
CYR, JBTE       Married 1809       LEBLANC, RUFINE
CYR, JBTE       Married 1792       VIOLET, GENEVIEVE
CYR, JEAN       Married 1993       ARCHIE, WAYNE
CYR, JEAN       Married 1766       ARPIN, MARG      
CYR, JEAN       Married 1766       ARPIN, MARGUERITE
CYR, JEAN       Married 1766       ARPIN, MARIE      
CYR, JEAN       Married 1771       AUMIER, ARCHANGE
CYR, JEAN       Married 1790       AYOTTE, MARIE
CYR, JEAN       Married 1877       BELANGER, HENRIETTE
CYR, JEAN       Married 1844       BELLEMONT, ROSALIE
CYR, JEAN       Married 1772       BOUDROT, MARIE
CYR, JEAN       Married 1732       BOURGEOIS, ANNE
CYR, JEAN       Married 1733       BOURGEOIS, ANNE
CYR, JEAN       Married 1734       BOURGEOIS, ANNE

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