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CYR, JAMES       Married 1982       WRIGHT, DORIS
CYR, JAMIE       Married 1994       DOLIBER, AMIE
CYR, JAN       Married 1903       HAMEL, GEORGE      
CYR, JANA       Married 1990       BARTLEY, LENNY
CYR, JANE       Married 1853       CHOINIERE, AUGUSTIN
CYR, JANE       Married 1923       DESCHENES, JOSEPH
CYR, JANE       Married 1960       ERICKSON, UNKNOWN
CYR, JANE       Married 1996       HANSON, JON      
CYR, JANE       Married 1895       MARTIN, SYLVESTER
CYR, JANE       Married 1992       METZLER, TODD
CYR, JANE       Married 1940       PRATT, JR       in
CYR, JANE       Married 1949       SULLIVAN, MICHAEL
CYR, JANE       Married 1949       SULLIVAN, MICHEL
CYR, JANE       Married 1981       SWAIN, DWIGHT
CYR, JANET       Married 1989       FINNEGAN, SEAN
CYR, JANET       Married 1984       MOORS, PETER
CYR, JANET       Married 1978       MORRILL, JOHN
CYR, JANICE       Married 1991       ALBERT, FRANCIS
CYR, JANICE       Married 1983       CORMIER, GERALD
CYR, JANICE       Married 1981       DOUCETTE, RONALD
CYR, JANICE       Married 1956       LOVELETTE, ALLEN
CYR, JANICE       Married 1968       STEELE, KENNETH
CYR, JAQUES       Married 1738       HEBERT, MARIE
CYR, JASON       Married 1994       CHABOT, PAULA

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