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CYR, MEDEE       Married 1869       ALBERT, SALOMON
CYR, MEDLEY       Married 1919       BEAUPRE, SOPHIE
CYR, MEDORA       Married 1918       PAQUETTE, LOUIS
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1993       BABB, SCOTT
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1877       CHAMPAGNE, FRANCOIS
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1857       GAUDET, JOSEPH
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1900       MAZEROLLE, BELONI
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1900       MAZZEROLLE, BELONI
CYR, MELANIE       Married 1900       MAZZEROLLE, BÉLONI
CYR, MELANISE       Married 1866       DUSSAULT, JOSEPH
CYR, MELEME       Married 1790       BRIAND, ISABELLE
CYR, MELEME       Married 1790       BRIAND, MARGUERITE
CYR, MELESSIE       Married 1941       THERIAULT, ALVE
CYR, MELINA       Married 1888       AUCLAIR, TREFFLE
CYR, MELINA       Married 1901       BRIERE, LEON
CYR, MELINA       Married 1943       PROCTOR, LESTER
CYR, MELINA       Married 1936       SWETT, ALVIN
CYR, MELISSA       Married 1988       HAECKER, TOMMY
CYR, MELISSA       Married 1989       HERZOG, DOUGLAS
CYR, MELISSA       Married 1993       HULL, MARK
CYR, MELISSA       Married 1993       KING, JOSEPH
CYR, MELODY       Married 1984       PENDLETON, VIRGIL
CYR, MELONICE       Married 1867       GRANGER, MOISE
CYR, MELVINA       Married 1906       CYR, WILFRED

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