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CYR, ISAIE       Married 1860       BOURGUOIN, MARGUERITE
CYR, ISAIE       Married 1924       DAIGLE, GERTRUDE
CYR, ISAIE       Married 1924       GAGNON, CARINNE
CYR, ISAIE       Married 1910       OUELLETTE, CLARA
CYR, ISAIE       Married 1910       OUELLETTE, CLARISSE
CYR, ISAIL       Married 1924       DAIGLE, HELEN
CYR, ISAÏE       Married 1880       ARCHAMBAULT, ANNA ROSE
CYR, ISAÏE       Married 1860       BOURGOUIN, MARGUERITE
CYR, ISIDORE       Married 1914       CIMON, ROSE
CYR, ISIDORE       Married 1916       LANDRY, LOUISE
CYR, ISIDORE       Married 1919       MORNEAULT, EVA
CYR, ISIDORE       Married 1919       MORNEAULT, ÉVA
CYR, ISIDORE       Married 1860       NADEAU, MARIE
CYR, ISIDORE       Married 1914       SIMON, ROSE
CYR, ISILDA       Married 1917       LAPLANTE, CHARLES
CYR, ISRAEL       Married 1887       CYR, SOPHIE
CYR, ISRAEL       Married 1858       FOURNIER, PHILOMENE
CYR, ISRAËL       Married 1858       FOURNIER, PHILOMÈNE
CYR, ISSAC       Married 1860       BLAIS, MARIE
CYR, ISSAC       Married 1853       DAVID, CAROLINE
CYR, ISSAC       Married 1892       VIOLETTE, EMMA
CYR, IV       Married 1803       DUFOUR, CATHERINE
CYR, IV       Married 1763       ISOIR, CHARLOTTE
CYR, IV       Married 1763       ISOIRE, MARIE      

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