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CYR, HECTOR       Married 1929       LAVOIE, MARIE
CYR, HECTOR       Married 1920       LEVESQUE, LOUISE
CYR, HECTOR       Married 1947       MARTEL, FLORA
CYR, HECTOR       Married 1921       MARTINEAU, FLORENCE
CYR, HECTOR       Married 1942       MERRILL, VIVIAN
CYR, HECTOR       Married 1947       PARENT, FLORA
CYR, HECTOR       Married 1942       PATTERSON, VIVIAN
CYR, HECTOR       Married 1934       PRUNEAU, LÉONIDE
CYR, HEIDI       Married 1985       FIFER, KERRY
CYR, HEIDI       Married 1991       OHNGEMACH, CHRISTOPH
CYR, HELEN       Married 1989       ALVES, ANTONE
CYR, HELEN       Married 1957       BOZARTH, JAMES
CYR, HELEN       Married 1953       BRADY, JR      
CYR, HELEN       Married 1948       COTE, RAYMOND
CYR, HELEN       Married 1951       DAM, ROBERT      
CYR, HELEN       Married 1890       DOW, DANIEL
CYR, HELEN       Married 1980       EMERY, PAUL      
CYR, HELEN       Married 1947       GRIFFIN, GEORGE
CYR, HELEN       Married 1935       LEBLANC, RAYMOND
CYR, HELEN       Married 1952       LOVELETTE, NORMAN
CYR, HELEN       Married 1899       MADORE, SIMEON
CYR, HELEN       Married 1978       WYMAN, ROLAND
CYR, HELENA       Married 1927       BUSKEE, REGINALD
CYR, HELENA       Married 1962       PELLETIER, VALMONT

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