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CUNNAH, JOHN       Married 1927       RAINE, ELIZABETH
CUNNALLY, EDWARD       Married 1935       BROWNE, HELENE
CUNNALLY, THOMAS       Married 1939       BURKE, JEANETTE
CUNNAMA, MATHEW       Married 1869       CONNELY, MARGARET
CUNNAN, JANNET       Married 1719       DEWAR, ANDREW
CUNNAN, JOHN       Married 1729       GREIG, MARY
CUNNAN, MARIE       Married 1934       HARTER, DONALD
CUNNANE, BRIAN       Married 1984       GANNON, MARY
CUNNANE, BRIDGET       Married 1889       REYNOLDS, THOMAS
CUNNANE, BRYAN       Married 1880       BENNETT, ALICE
CUNNANE, DANIEL       Married 1924       FRATAG, CLARA
CUNNANE, EDITH       Married 1932       READ, HENRY
CUNNANE, ELLEN       Married 1984       GALIOTO, FRANK
CUNNANE, ELSIE       Married 1934       HEWITT, LAWRENCE
CUNNANE, ETHEL       Married 1947       GANNON, LAWRENCE
CUNNANE, EVA       Married 1942       O’CONNOR, WILLIAM

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