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CUNLIFFE, EMMA       Married 1890       GARNER, ARTHUR
CUNLIFFE, EMMA       Married 1894       HURD, FRED
CUNLIFFE, ERIC       Married 1922       COOPER, MURIEL
CUNLIFFE, ERIKA       Married 1992       PEACHEY, NEAL
CUNLIFFE, ERNEST       Married 1934       EPPS, MARGUARITA
CUNLIFFE, ESTER       Married 1871       MALLINSON, JOHN
CUNLIFFE, ESTHER       Married 1876       COOK, MATTHEW
CUNLIFFE, ESTHER       Married 1844       PARKINSON, JAMES
CUNLIFFE, ETHEL       Married 1946       HASTINGS, FRED
CUNLIFFE, ETHEL       Married 1944       TRYON, JOHN
CUNLIFFE, ETHER       Married 1916       TILLOTSON, ALBERT
CUNLIFFE, FERDERICK       Married 1904       GRAY, MINA
CUNLIFFE, FOSTER       Married 1809       CREWE, ELIZABETH
CUNLIFFE, FOSTER       Married 1781       KINLOCH, HARRIET
CUNLIFFE, FOSTER       Married 1781       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CUNLIFFE, FRANCIS       Married 1909       MCCASKELL, J

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