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CUNION, OWEN       Married 1908       GOYETTE, ANGELINA
CUNION, OWEN       Married 1911       HUARD, CORA
CUNION, OWEN       Married 1910       HUARD, MARIE
CUNION, PATRICK       Married 1913       JENKINS, MARY
CUNION, ROSE       Married 1893       TEASDALE, WILLIAM
CUNION, SARAH       Married 1867       MOWBRAY, WILLIAM
CUNION, WILLIAM       Married 1946       BENSON, IRENE
CUNIOT, MARGIE       Married 1942       MITCHELL, CLARENCE
CUNIS, ANTHONY       Married 1938       YOUNG, ELEANOR
CUNIS, JEAN       Married 1767       LEPLAT, MAGDELEINE
CUNIS, JOHANNES       Married 1790       YODER, ESTHER
CUNIS, MARIE       Married 1753       BROCHARD, ROBERT
CUNIS, MARIE       Married 1820       FAOUS, CHRISTOPHE
CUNIS, MARIE       Married 1793       UNKNOWN, AMORY
CUNIS, MARY       Married 1822       TUDOR, JESSE
CUNIS, MICHEL       Married 1787       AMAURY, MARIE
CUNIS, MICHEL       Married 1820       DRAVANNE, MARIE

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