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CUMMINS, LEONA       Married 1874       WILEY, EDGAR
CUMMINS, LEONARD       Married 1876       DOUGLAS, NANCY
CUMMINS, LEONARD       Married 1932       LOWE, OMA
CUMMINS, LEONARD       Married 1916       SMITH, NANCY
CUMMINS, LEONELLO       Married 1834       HIATT, JOHN
CUMMINS, LEONORA       Married 1905       CALDWELL, FOREST
CUMMINS, LEORA       Married 1906       SHADINGER, HARVEY
CUMMINS, LEOTA       Married 1885       MOURNEN, WILLIAM
CUMMINS, LEOTA       Married 1895       MOURNEN, WILLIAM
CUMMINS, LEOTA       Married 1888       WALL, WILLIAM
CUMMINS, LEOTA       Married 1887       WALLS, WILLIAM
CUMMINS, LEOTA       Married 1887       WALLS, WILLIS
CUMMINS, LESLIE       Married 1993       CARRIER, PRESTON
CUMMINS, LESLIE       Married 1979       CUMMINS, SHARON
CUMMINS, LESLIE       Married 1981       KIDD, TERESA
CUMMINS, LESLIE       Married 1983       SEABROOK, TIMOTHY
CUMMINS, LESSIE       Married 1902       WEIGLE, CHARLES
CUMMINS, LESTER       Married 1984       CUMMINS, JILL

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