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CUMMINS, JANYCE       Married 1969       LONG, ERNEST
CUMMINS, JANYCE       Married 1993       REEVES, THOMAS
CUMMINS, JANYCE       Married 1980       WILSON, RUSTY
CUMMINS, JAS       Married 1910       NEWSOM, ZOE
CUMMINS, JASON       Married 2000       MORGAN, DENISE
CUMMINS, JASPER       Married 1875       AUNGER, ELIZABETH
CUMMINS, JASPER       Married 1896       COX, OLETHA
CUMMINS, JASPER       Married 1889       COX, OLIVE
CUMMINS, JASPER       Married 1868       MOORE, MARY
CUMMINS, JASPER       Married 1886       OWEN, ELIZA
CUMMINS, JASPER       Married 1920       SISLEY, GRACE
CUMMINS, JASPER       Married 1877       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CUMMINS, JASPER       Married 1890       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CUMMINS, JAY       Married 1994       AGAR, LYNN
CUMMINS, JAY       Married 1913       MCKOIN, JOE
CUMMINS, JAYNE       Married 1941       JONES, CHARLES
CUMMINS, JEAMES       Married 1868       SHERRILL, SUSAN
CUMMINS, JEAN       Married 1950       EBY, JOHN

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