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CUMMINS, JANE       Married 1895       STRICKLAND, JOHN
CUMMINS, JANE       Married 1815       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CUMMINS, JANE       Married 1888       WEIR, ANDREW
CUMMINS, JANE       Married 1797       WELCH, SAMUEL
CUMMINS, JANE       Married 1791       WITTY, EZEKIEL
CUMMINS, JANE       Married 1792       WOODHOUSE, ISAAC
CUMMINS, JANE       Married 1873       WRIGHT, JACOB
CUMMINS, JANET       Married 1982       GUERRA, JOE
CUMMINS, JANET       Married 1616       MUNRO, N
CUMMINS, JANET       Married 1966       RODEN, FLOYD
CUMMINS, JANET       Married 1969       SULLIVAN, CECIL
CUMMINS, JANET       Married 1971       SULLIVAN, CECIL
CUMMINS, JANETTA       Married 1924       HOYLE, MARCUS
CUMMINS, JANICE       Married 1973       CUMMINS, WILLIAM
CUMMINS, JANICE       Married 1974       MARTIN, RONALD
CUMMINS, JANIE       Married 1977       STEELE, CLAYTON
CUMMINS, JANNA       Married 1997       THORNBROUGH, DAVID
CUMMINS, JANYCE       Married 1971       GRINDLE, RICHARD

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