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CUDLIPP, MARY       Married 1813       HICKLEY, ROBERT
CUDLIPP, OLGA       Married 1927       HARVEY, GEORGE
CUDLIPP, PETER       Married 1820       BOWNS, CHARLOTTE
CUDLIPP, RICHARD       Married 1783       BLATCHFORD, JOAN
CUDLIPP, SARAH       Married 1884       COMINGS, HENRY
CUDLIPP, SUSANNA       Married 1862       KEMP, CORNELIUS
CUDLIPP, THELMA       Married 1918       GROSVENOR, EDWIN
CUDLITT, SHIRLEY       Married 1952       WINSLOW, PHILIP
CUDLITTE, MARY       Married 1845       BROOKS, JOHN
CUDLITZ, ROSS       Married 1979       BAKER, FAITH
CUDLY, FRANTISKA       Married 1926       BERNASEK, JOSEPH
CUDLY, LULA       Married 1910       HAVEL, FRANK
CUDLY, SARA       Married 1997       VOGLER, CURTIS
CUDMAN, ELIZABETH       Married 1690       SHEPHERD, JOHN
CUDMAN, PAUL       Married 1813       TYDINGS, SOPHIA
CUDMORE, ABEL       Married 1921       LONG, ETTA
CUDMORE, ABEL       Married 1890       SHERWOOD, MARY

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