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CULLOP, JAMES       Married 1888       MCGEE, FRANCES
CULLOP, JAMES       Married 1898       WARDEN, SUSAN
CULLOP, JEFFREY       Married 1999       CABRERA, LAVERNA
CULLOP, JERRY       Married 1991       RUSSELL, VIRGINIA
CULLOP, JOHN       Married 1809       BAUGH, EVA
CULLOP, JOHN       Married 1882       BELL, ROSA
CULLOP, JOHN       Married 1879       MCKINLEY, MARGARET
CULLOP, JOHN       Married 1866       TURLEY, SUSAN
CULLOP, JOSEPH       Married 1867       TOBLER, RACHEL
CULLOP, JOSHUA       Married 1861       TOBLER, MARY
CULLOP, LILLIE       Married 1887       RIMMER, JOHN
CULLOP, LUCY       Married 1911       GROSECLOSE, MARVIN
CULLOP, LUCY       Married 1947       NEELEY, MALCOM
CULLOP, MALLISSA       Married 1877       GIPSON, JAMES
CULLOP, MARGARET       Married 1863       CHILDERS, CALVIN
CULLOP, MARGARET       Married 1763       COIL, JACOB
CULLOP, MARGARET       Married 1874       LANINGHAM, A

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