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CUSACK, AGNES       Married 1279       CUSACK, WILLIAM
CUSACK, ALICE       Married 1995       CLEVELAND, BOBBY
CUSACK, ALICE       Married 1979       FATTIG, HARVEY
CUSACK, ALICE       Married 1985       ROSA, STEVEN
CUSACK, ALICIA       Married 1276       DE CUSACK, ADAM
CUSACK, ALICIA       Married 1819       WARREN, ROBERT
CUSACK, ALISON       Married 1564       ALYMER, THOMAS
CUSACK, ALMA       Married 1919       KABLE, ROBERT
CUSACK, ALVA       Married 1888       ALWARD, GEORGE
CUSACK, ANDREW       Married 1270       CUSACK, MRS ANDREW
CUSACK, ANDREW       Married 1270       DE CUSACK, ANDREW
CUSACK, ANDREW       Married 1270       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CUSACK, ANN       Married 1817       BROWN, JEREMIAH
CUSACK, ANN       Married 1785       HUGER, JOHN
CUSACK, ANN       Married 1945       RETTIG, PHILIP
CUSACK, ANNE       Married 1752       BOOTH, UNKNOWN
CUSACK, ANNE       Married 1902       BREEN, PIERCE
CUSACK, ANNE       Married 1627       DOWDALL, JOHN

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