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CUSAC, ANN       Married 1590       BARRY, RICHARD
CUSAC, ANNA       Married 1908       NUTTER, LEROY
CUSAC, CANDACE       Married 1989       MARTINEZ, CERJIO
CUSAC, CHARLES       Married 1909       HARVEY, FLORENCE
CUSAC, CHARLES       Married 1878       MERRITT, JOSEPHINE
CUSAC, DANIEL       Married 1811       SELLERS, SARAH
CUSAC, DANIEL       Married 1813       SELLERS, SARAH
CUSAC, DANIEL       Married 1898       UNKNOWN, AUGUSTA
CUSAC, DONNA       Married 1964       CUSAC, ROBERT
CUSAC, EARL       Married 1940       HARDING, FRANCIS
CUSAC, FLORENCE       Married 1902       BALDWIN, CHARLES
CUSAC, GEORGE       Married 1881       BIGELOW, ELLA
CUSAC, HEATHER       Married 1989       KNIGHT, PAUL
CUSAC, HEIDI       Married 1986       WHITMAN, JOHN
CUSAC, ISAAC       Married 1851       VANEMAN, SARAH
CUSAC, ISABELLA       Married 1877       GRIFFIN, SAMUEL
CUSAC, JAMES       Married 1880       LITZENBERG, MARGARET
CUSAC, JAMES       Married 1856       WILSON, RACHEL

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