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CUFF, KATHERINE       Married 1947       BLAINE, OSCAR
CUFF, KATHLEEN       Married 1972       BOYLE, GEORGE
CUFF, KATHLEEN       Married 1950       GOODYEAR, MUNDON
CUFF, KATHY       Married 1986       PRINCE, STEVEN
CUFF, KEVIN       Married 1990       BARHAM, TAMMY
CUFF, KIMBERLY       Married 1985       CUFF, RANDALL
CUFF, LEONARD       Married 1949       HYDE, OPAL
CUFF, LESLIE       Married 1969       CUFF, MARIANNA
CUFF, LESLIE       Married 1991       MOBLEY, DAVID
CUFF, LESSIE       Married 1909       THOMPSON, DAVID
CUFF, LETTICE       Married 1695       FOLLIOTT, FRANCES
CUFF, LILLIAN       Married 1956       ALBRECHT, LEROY
CUFF, LILLIAN       Married 1912       RILEY, RICHARD
CUFF, LINA       Married 1908       HICKMAN, UNKNOWN
CUFF, LINDA       Married 1970       MELTON, JERRY
CUFF, LORI       Married 1976       MALISZEWSKI, ROBERT
CUFF, LOUISE       Married 1904       LOCKE, CHARLES
CUFF, LUCY       Married 1965       KERR, JOSEPH

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