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CUFF, GEORGE       Married 1946       MCDOUGALL, EUNICE
CUFF, GEORGE       Married 1913       MOSS, ESTELLE
CUFF, GERTRUDE       Married 1922       O'KEEFE, JOHN
CUFF, GLADYS       Married 1924       DAVIES, JOHN
CUFF, GORDON       Married 1946       GIESBRECHT, ANNA
CUFF, GRACE       Married 1951       KREUTZER, RALPH
CUFF, GRACE       Married 1924       MORRISON, BERNARD
CUFF, HANNAH       Married 1883       HOPKINS, JAMES
CUFF, HARRIETT       Married 1874       HAINES, RICHARD
CUFF, HARRY       Married 1895       CUSHMAN, AGNES
CUFF, HEATHER       Married 1997       WISE, TRACY
CUFF, HELEN       Married 1899       HEWEL, WILLIAM
CUFF, HENRY       Married 1844       BEARD, CAROLINE
CUFF, HENRY       Married 1864       GRUE, ELIZA
CUFF, HENRY       Married 1920       LLOYD, ETHEL
CUFF, HENRY       Married 1865       UNKNOWN, MARYANNE
CUFF, HENRY       Married 1944       WALKER, SHIRLEY
CUFF, HERBERT       Married 1906       DURDIN, DURA

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