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CUFF, EVELYN       Married 1931       SEIFERT, LEROY
CUFF, EVELYN       Married 1931       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CUFF, FLORENCE       Married 1939       O'GRADY, EDWARD
CUFF, FLORENCE       Married 1920       WHOBREY, JAMES
CUFF, FLOSSIE       Married 1915       WRIGHT, COOPER
CUFF, FRANCES       Married 1684       BOYLE, HONORA
CUFF, FRANCES       Married 1855       REEVES, JOHN
CUFF, FRANCIS       Married 1687       BOYLE, HONORA
CUFF, FRANCIS       Married 1917       MURPHY, SARAH
CUFF, FRANCIS       Married 1915       SARKINS, JOSEPH
CUFF, FRANCIS       Married 1845       SYKES, SARAH
CUFF, FRANK       Married 1897       ALBEE, LORENA
CUFF, FREDERICK       Married 1893       FIANDER, EDITH
CUFF, FREDERICK       Married 1894       IRONSIDE, EMILY
CUFF, GARY       Married 1971       WOLLAND, JULIE
CUFF, GAY       Married 1914       ALBEE, BESSIE
CUFF, GEORGE       Married 1912       BEISER, CLARA
CUFF, GEORGE       Married 1888       JAMES, ANNE

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