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CUEVAS, NOELIA       Married 1999       PEREZ, RUBEN
CUEVAS, NOEMI       Married 1968       JIMENEZ, MANUEL
CUEVAS, NOEMI       Married 1988       PERALEZ, NOE
CUEVAS, NOLIA       Married 1946       WILLIAMS, RUFUS
CUEVAS, NORA       Married 1978       BOWELL, JAMES
CUEVAS, NORA       Married 1975       CANTU, HECTOR
CUEVAS, NORA       Married 1994       GALARZA, CARLOS
CUEVAS, NORA       Married 1997       HARRISON, ASHTON
CUEVAS, NORA       Married 1990       PENA, SYLVESTRE
CUEVAS, NORA       Married 1993       RAMOS, JOSE
CUEVAS, NORMA       Married 1971       CANTU, AGAPITO
CUEVAS, NORMA       Married 1979       CUEVAS, EDUARDO
CUEVAS, NORMA       Married 1990       CUEVAS, FELIPE
CUEVAS, NORMA       Married 1997       HUERTA, DELFINO
CUEVAS, NORMA       Married 1993       JIMENEZ, PEDRO
CUEVAS, NORMA       Married 1992       MENDIOLA, JOSE
CUEVAS, NORMA       Married 1983       RODRIGUEZ, LAZARO
CUEVAS, NORMA       Married 1982       SALAS, ARTURO

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