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CURROW, ISABELLA       Married 1881       LEVERTON, JOHN
CURROW, MARY       Married 1914       JACKSON, ANDREW
CURROW, WILLIAM       Married 1909       IRONS, MABEL
CURRRIE, JOHN       Married 1768       HUNT HOUSTON, ANNA
CURRRIER, MARTHA       Married 1857       NEWCOMB, WILLIAM
CURRRIN, JAMES       Married 1866       GOOCH, CORNELIA
CURRRY, HANNAH       Married 1905       MCDONALD, CHARLIE
CURRTHERS, ORIA       Married 1919       BISHOP, HOMER
CURRTHERS, ORIA       Married 1895       CLARK, LOU
CURRTHERS, ORIA       Married 1914       DAUGHTY, REESE
CURRTIS, EZRA       Married 1773       BIBBER, SUSANNA
CURRU, ZEBULON       Married 1856       THOMPSON, MARY
CURRUCHICHE, MAGDA       Married 1993       CARAPIA, MAX
CURRUD, MARITZA       Married 1993       WARD, CHARLES
CURRUL, FRANKLIN       Married 1942       PIERCE, EDITH
CURRUL, MARION       Married 1935       FLETCHER, WALTER
CURRUMS, MARGARET       Married 1902       TILSTON, ERNEST

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