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CURRIE, WALTER       Married 1917       WHITE, RHODA
CURRIE, WALTER       Married 1921       WOOD, LAURA
CURRIE, WANDA       Married 1991       SULLIVAN, JACK
CURRIE, WARREN       Married 1927       TRICE, WILLIE
CURRIE, WAYNE       Married 1988       BYERS, PAMELA
CURRIE, WAYNE       Married 1981       CURRIE, NORA
CURRIE, WAYNE       Married 1987       CURRIE, PAMELA
CURRIE, WAYNE       Married 1981       WILLIAMS, KAREN
CURRIE, WELDON       Married 1978       BRUCE, SHEILA
CURRIE, WELDON       Married 1975       CURRIE, BRENDA
CURRIE, WELDON       Married 1971       CURRIE, CHARLOTTE
CURRIE, WELDON       Married 1972       CURRIE, CHARLOTTE
CURRIE, WELDON       Married 1978       CURRIE, SHELIA
CURRIE, WELDON       Married 1971       DEPEW, CHARLOTTE
CURRIE, WELDON       Married 1975       IVEY, BRENDA
CURRIE, WENDELL       Married 1957       CYR, ROCHELLE
CURRIE, WESLEY       Married 1972       CURRIE, BENDA
CURRIE, WESLEY       Married 1987       TAYLER, SHERYL

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