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CURRENCE, GEORGE       Married 1936       ROBINETT, JULIA
CURRENCE, GEORGE       Married 1858       TENNEY, REBECCA
CURRENCE, GEORGE       Married 1946       WILLIAMS, DAISY
CURRENCE, GRACE       Married 1904       MANLEY, MATHEW
CURRENCE, GRACE       Married 1857       TENNEY, WILLIAM
CURRENCE, GRACE       Married 1904       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CURRENCE, GUY       Married 1940       HEIGHT, MILDRED
CURRENCE, GUY       Married 1940       HIGHT, MILDRED
CURRENCE, HANNAH       Married 1868       BELL, JOHN
CURRENCE, HANNAH       Married 1873       JACKSON, JOSEPH
CURRENCE, HAROLD       Married 1954       RUSSELL, GAIL
CURRENCE, HAYMAN       Married 1863       TENNEY, LABANA
CURRENCE, HAYMAN       Married 1863       TINNEY, LABANA
CURRENCE, HAYMOND       Married 1863       TENNEY, LABANA
CURRENCE, HAYMOND       Married 1863       TENNEY, LABINA
CURRENCE, HAYMOND       Married 1863       TENNEY, SABENA
CURRENCE, HAYMOND       Married 1862       TENNEY, SABRINA

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