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CURREN, TIMOTHY       Married 1969       CURREN, NANCY
CURREN, TIMOTHY       Married 1996       PARNASS, RAE
CURREN, TRACIE       Married 1984       REEDER, JOHN
CURREN, VICKIE       Married 1991       CURREN, HAROLD
CURREN, VIOLA       Married 1931       GILLETT, KENNETH
CURREN, VIRGINIA       Married 1972       CURREN, CECIL
CURREN, WALTER       Married 1980       CURREN, DOROTHY
CURREN, WALTER       Married 1980       MCDOUGAL, DOROTHY
CURREN, WILLIAM       Married 1939       DOIG, EDITH
CURREN, WILLIAM       Married 1942       HAHN, MARGARET
CURREN, WILLIAM       Married 1881       KUSTER, SARAH
CURREN, WILLIAM       Married 1914       MACIE, UNKNOWN
CURREN, WILLIAM       Married 1934       VEITCH, MARJORIE
CURREN, WINNEFRED       Married 1870       CLUCHEY, ISRAEL
CURRENCE, A       Married 1774       SHAW, UNKNOWN
CURRENCE, ABRAHAM       Married 1860       UNKNOWN, ANN
CURRENCE, ADA       Married 1883       PHARES, WILLIAM

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