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CURREN, KEVIN       Married 1991       DOOLEY, JODY
CURREN, LADONNA       Married 1998       ARNECKE, BURLEIGH
CURREN, LADONNA       Married 1984       ROBBINS, DANIEL
CURREN, LAWRENCE       Married 1680       PALMER, SARAH
CURREN, LESLIE       Married 1989       CURREN, JEFFREY
CURREN, LEWIS       Married 1876       MCMILLAN, IDA
CURREN, LISA       Married 1978       CURREN, JEFFREY
CURREN, LORNA       Married 1955       MCINERNEY, JOHN
CURREN, LOTTIE       Married 1903       CLARK, PERRY
CURREN, LUCY       Married 1885       RIMMER, GEORGE
CURREN, MARGARET       Married 1850       D'ARCY, JOHN
CURREN, MARGARET       Married 1850       DARCY, JOHN
CURREN, MARGARET       Married 1909       DRYDEN, DANIEL
CURREN, MARGARET       Married 1858       SPOONER, JAMES
CURREN, MARGARET       Married 1867       WILLARD, ADAM
CURREN, MARGARET       Married 1867       WILLIARD, ADAM
CURREN, MARIE       Married 1920       SMITH, WALTER

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