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CURLEE, PHYNNIE       Married 1903       FERGUSON, S
CURLEE, POLLY       Married 1832       WILLIAMS, JOSEPH
CURLEE, PORTER       Married 1921       SHELTON, EFFIE
CURLEE, R       Married 1879       GRIFFIN, JAMES
CURLEE, RACHAL       Married 1887       DAVIS, JOSEPH
CURLEE, RACHEL       Married 1961       CURLEE, JAMES
CURLEE, RALPH       Married 1941       HOLMES, CARRIE
CURLEE, RAMONA       Married 1968       FREUND, JAMES
CURLEE, RAMONA       Married 1979       PIZZINI, WILLIAM
CURLEE, RANDOLPH       Married 1860       DAVIS, SARA
CURLEE, RANDOLPH       Married 1887       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CURLEE, RAY       Married 1946       SAVAGE, VERA
CURLEE, RAYMOND       Married 1972       SINGER, SANDRA
CURLEE, REBECCA       Married 1971       CURLEE, CALVIN
CURLEE, REBECCA       Married 1887       GAITHER, CULLEN
CURLEE, REBECCA       Married 1870       HULL, GEORGE
CURLEE, REBECCA       Married 1860       LOWERY, JOHN
CURLEE, REBECCA       Married 1877       RICHARDSON, JOHN

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