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CURLEE, LOREN       Married 1960       CURLEE, MILDRED
CURLEE, LORENE       Married 1936       STUART, MAX
CURLEE, LORETTA       Married 1982       SCHULTE, DOUGLAS
CURLEE, LORI       Married 1993       FURTICK, CRAIG
CURLEE, LORI       Married 2000       LARA, BERULO
CURLEE, LOTTIE       Married 1926       BUCHANAN, FRED
CURLEE, LOUIE       Married 1894       HEDGPETH, J
CURLEE, LOUISA       Married 1859       FAULKNER, DAVID
CURLEE, LOUISE       Married 1916       COBB, UNKNOWN
CURLEE, LOUISE       Married 1974       CURLEE, NOON
CURLEE, LOUISE       Married 1839       FORBES, WILLIAM
CURLEE, LOVINCEY       Married 1835       SMITH, DAVID
CURLEE, LOYD       Married 1914       CURLEE, BERTHA
CURLEE, LOYD       Married 1914       SULLINS, BERTHA
CURLEE, LUCIE       Married 1901       SANDERS, JESSE
CURLEE, LUCILE       Married 1934       BERNARD, JEFFE
CURLEE, LUCILE       Married 1934       WILSON, BILLY

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