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CUPP, ALICE       Married 1896       PLANK, JOHN
CUPP, ALLAN       Married 1929       SIVIGS, ALTA
CUPP, ALLEN       Married 1929       SIVIGS, ALTA
CUPP, ALMA       Married 1971       CUPP, ALFRED
CUPP, ALMA       Married 1968       HOLDER, TROY
CUPP, ALMA       Married 1912       MCGARITY, JAMES
CUPP, ALMA       Married 1981       OVERTURF, KEVIN
CUPP, ALMIRA       Married 1911       MASON, JAMES
CUPP, ALSALOM       Married 1894       MORRIS, KITTIE
CUPP, ALTA       Married 1987       BONNER, MARK
CUPP, ALTA       Married 1998       CONNELL, RICHARD
CUPP, ALTA       Married 1912       MCCOY, DANIEL
CUPP, ALTHEA       Married 1926       MOSIER, RAY
CUPP, ALVA       Married 1916       DERRINGER, MABEL
CUPP, ALVA       Married 1913       MILES, DORA      
CUPP, ALVIN       Married 1971       CUPP, DELORES
CUPP, ALVIN       Married 1971       DANIEL, DELORES
CUPP, ALVIN       Married 1976       JENNINGS, PATRICIA

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