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CUNY, EDWARD       Married 1975       MCKINLEY, MARGARET
CUNY, ELISABETH       Married 1689       VUILLAUME, PIERRE
CUNY, ELIZABETH       Married 1857       PETERSON, HENRY
CUNY, ESTELLE       Married 1926       LERICH, MILTON
CUNY, EUGENE       Married 1974       TUOHY, PATRICIA
CUNY, EVE       Married 1664       DEPOUTOT, NICOLAS
CUNY, EVELYN       Married 1955       PRICE, JOSEPH
CUNY, EVELYN       Married 1943       SWALLOW, CARL
CUNY, FRANCOISE       Married 1885       MONNAUX, LOUIS
CUNY, FRANOIS       Married 1787       CHENEBLE, MADELEINE
CUNY, FREDERICH       Married 1966       CUNY, IRIS
CUNY, FREDERICK       Married 1966       ROUSH, BETH
CUNY, GRACE       Married 1935       MARTIN, ROLAND
CUNY, IRIS       Married 1966       CUNY, FREDERICH
CUNY, JAMES       Married 1982       HOLTZ, MARY
CUNY, JANE       Married 1960       CUNY, TERRENCE
CUNY, JEAN       Married 1817       GEORGET, MARIE

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