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CUMMINS, WEAVER       Married 1880       CUMMINS, WOODSON
CUMMINS, WEEKS       Married 1785       SIMMONS, CHARLES
CUMMINS, WELTHEA       Married 1831       HOGSETT, JAMES
CUMMINS, WELTON       Married 1947       LEWIS, MADONNA
CUMMINS, WENDELL       Married 1951       CASTLEMAN, JOAN
CUMMINS, WENDELL       Married 1984       HIGGINS, LOUISE
CUMMINS, WENDY       Married 1993       TYMAN, RUSSELL
CUMMINS, WERDNA       Married 1945       WAGNER, KENNETH
CUMMINS, WESLEY       Married 1870       BONAR, LAVINA
CUMMINS, WESLEY       Married 1974       CUMMINS, SHERRI
CUMMINS, WESLEY       Married 1900       HUNNICUTT, BETTIE
CUMMINS, WESLEY       Married 1902       PATTERSON, LELA
CUMMINS, WESLEY       Married 1984       POEHLS, BRENDA
CUMMINS, WESLEY       Married 1981       RUSHING, PAMELA
CUMMINS, WESLEY       Married 1910       THOMAS, BERTHA
CUMMINS, WH       Married 1851       WRIGHT, SARAH
CUMMINS, WILAMINA       Married 1922       PUTMAN, SHERMAN
CUMMINS, WILBER       Married 1947       JARESKI, GERMAINE

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