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C, A       to       C, AMANDA
C, AMANDA       to       C, ANNIE
C, ANNIE       to       C, CATHERINE
C, CATHERINE       to       C, DAVID
C, DAVID       to       C, ELIZA
C, ELIZA       to       C, ELLA
C, ELLA       to       C, ESTER
C, ESTHER       to       C, GEORGE
C, GEORGE       to       C, HULDA
C, HULDAH       to       C, JENNIE
C, JENNIE       to       C, KATHERINE
C, KATHRYN       to       C, LIZZIE
C, LOIS       to       C, LYDIA
C, LYDIA       to       C, MARGARET
C, MARGARET       to       C, MARTIN
C, MARVIN       to       C, MARY
C, MARY       to       C, MARY
C, MARY       to       C, MAYME
C, MAYME       to       C, NANCY
C, NANCY       to       C, PAULINE
C, PAULINE       to       C, ROY
C, ROYAL       to       C, SARAH
C, SARAH       to       C, SARAH
C, SARAH       to       C, THIRSA
C, THOMAS       to       C, ZELLA

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