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BÓ, AOIFE       Married 1171       DE CLARE, RICHARD
BÓ, EVA       Married 1171       DE CLARE, RICHARD
BÓ, MACMURROUGH       Married 1171       DE CLARE, RICHARD
BÓCHER, MADELINE       Married 1907       UTTER, ROBERT
BÓDI, ERZSÉBET       Married 1851       BÓZ, MIHÁLY
BÓDI, GYÖRGY       Married 1828       HAGYMÁSI, ZSUZSANNA
BÓDI, GÁBOR       Married 1852       SZABÓ, ZSUZSANNA
BÓDI, JULIANNA       Married 1861       SZÛCS SZABÓ, FERENC
BÓDI, KLÁRA       Married 1887       IGNÁTH, JÁNOS
BÓDI, LÁSZLÓ       Married 1785       BOSODI BODÓ, MÁRIA
BÓDI, SÁNDOR       Married 1882       KÖVÉR, ZSUZSANNA
BÓDI, ZSUZSÁNNA       Married 1811       SZEPESI, ANDRÁS
BÓEHMER, PAULINE       Married 1956       WATKINS, KELVIN
BÓLICO, MANOEL       Married 1946       BOHRER, WILMAR

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