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BÉDARD, AIMEE       Married 1944       LABRECQUE, PAUL
BÉDARD, AIMEE       Married 1904       RUEL, PHILEAS
BÉDARD, AIMÉE       Married 1904       RUEL, PHILÉAS
BÉDARD, ALBERT       Married 1929       BARBEAU, IMELDA
BÉDARD, ALBERT       Married 1935       BERGERON, IRÈNE
BÉDARD, ALBERT       Married 1812       BLANCHET, MARIE
BÉDARD, ALBERT       Married 1912       GRAVEL, MARIE
BÉDARD, ALBERT       Married 1902       JULIEN, RÉGINA
BÉDARD, ALBERT       Married 1928       PAQUET, MÉRILDA
BÉDARD, ALBERT       Married 1897       PERREAULT, EMELIE
BÉDARD, ALBERT       Married 1913       ROY, LYDIA
BÉDARD, ALBERT       Married 1924       ROY DESJARDINS, ROSE
BÉDARD, ALBERTINE       Married 1916       BÉDARD, EDGAR
BÉDARD, ALBERTINE       Married 1911       COTÉ, JOSEPH
BÉDARD, ALBINA       Married 1887       CHEVRIER, J OCTAVE
BÉDARD, ALBINA       Married 1925       GERMAIN, DONAT
BÉDARD, ALCIDE       Married 1920       CHAMPAGNE, ALCIDE
BÉDARD, ALDORA       Married 1904       OSTIGUY, EDMOND

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