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BÉDARD, LUDGER       Married 1911       CHARRON, MARIE EVA
BÉDARD, LUDGER       Married 1867       CROTEAU, ADELE
BÉDARD, LUDGER       Married 1867       CROTEAU, ADÈLE
BÉDARD, LUDGER       Married 1919       DUBÉ, IRÈNE
BÉDARD, LUDGER       Married 1943       FISET, THÉRÈSE
BÉDARD, LUDGER       Married 1882       GIGUERRE, MARIE
BÉDARD, LUDGER       Married 1911       LEBLANC, ANTONIA
BÉDARD, LUMINA       Married 1908       BOUTET, EDOUARD
BÉDARD, LYDIA       Married 1889       PARADIS, JOSEPH
BÉDARD, LÉA       Married 1894       CÔTÉ, AMBROISE
BÉDARD, LÉDA       Married 1902       BÉDARD, ADOLPHE
BÉDARD, LÉDA       Married 1881       DROLET, LOUIS
BÉDARD, LÉDA       Married 1879       MICHAUD, PHYDIME
BÉDARD, LÉO       Married 1957       BRASSEUR, THÉRÈSE
BÉDARD, LÉO       Married 1937       FOURNIER, ALICE
BÉDARD, LÉO       Married 1934       LANDRY, ROSE ALMA
BÉDARD, LÉO       Married 1911       ROBITAILLE, ÉVA
BÉDARD, LÉON       Married 1877       COTÉ, JULIE

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