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BÈAUME, MARIE       Married 1831       BÈOHNING, GERHARD
BÈAURLE, THOMAS       Married 1895       BICHLER, SOFIA
BÈAURLE, THOMAS       Married 1906       SCHMID, EUFROSINA
BÈDARD, ALBERTINE       Married 1911       COTÈ, JOSEPH
BÈDARD, BERNADETTE       Married 1916       HUOT, JOSEPH
BÈDARD, EMILE       Married 1911       FISET, MARIE
BÈDARD, ETIENNE       Married 1725       GARNEAU, MARIE
BÈDARD, PIERRE       Married 1732       GARNEAU, MARIE
BÈEHM, BARBARA       Married 1872       BERG, FRANCIS
BÈEHM, CHARLES       Married 1879       KYLE, VIRGINIA

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