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BÄR, MRS       Married 1543       BAER, HANS      
BÄR, NICOL       Married 1705       HESS, MARIA
BÄR, NICOL       Married 1789       MORGENROTH, BARBARA
BÄR, NICOLAUS       Married 1740       FEIGEN, CATHARINA
BÄR, NICOLAUS       Married 1740       WOLF, MARGARETHE
BÄR, OTTILIA       Married 1653       GRIEBEL, HANS
BÄR, PETER       Married 1703       BEYER, REBECCA
BÄR, PETER       Married 1891       HEINEMANN, ANNA
BÄR, PETER       Married 1737       MESCH, MARGARETHE
BÄR, PETER       Married 1776       ROS, ROSINA
BÄR, PETRUS       Married 1829       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
BÄR, PHILIP       Married 1543       BAR, ANNA      
BÄR, PHILIPP       Married 1757       WALTHER, ANNA
BÄR, PHILLIP       Married 1757       WALTHER, ANNA
BÄR, ROSINA       Married 1879       AMMANN, JOHAN
BÄR, RUDOLF       Married 1734       SCHNEBELI, VERENA
BÄR, SABINA       Married 1722       SCHUPPISSER, BERNHARD
BÄR, SUSANNA       Married 1738       KIMMEL, JOHANN
BÄR, SUSANNA       Married 1793       LIER, JOHANNES
BÄR, SUSANNA       Married 1720       VOLLENWEIDER, HANS
BÄR, SUSANNE       Married 1775       ROTTMANN, NICOLAUS
BÄR, THOMAS       Married 1805       NN, ANNA      
BÄR, ULRICH       Married 1715       KLEIN, ANNA
BÄR, ULRICH       Married 1731       SCHUPP, ANNA

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