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BÄR, MARGRETHA       Married 1740       RANCK, JOHANN
BÄR, MARIA       Married 1559       ESSICH, JOHANN
BÄR, MARIA       Married 1745       GIESE, JOHANN
BÄR, MARIA       Married 1740       RANCK, JOHANN
BÄR, MARIA       Married 1835       RUSS, JOHANN
BÄR, MARIA       Married 1865       SCHLEICHER, JOSEPHUS
BÄR, MARIA       Married 1930       STIPPLER, HEINRICH
BÄR, MARIA       Married 1824       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
BÄR, MARIA       Married 1733       WALDENBERGER, ANDREAS
BÄR, MARIA       Married 1651       ZURGILGEN, SEBASTIAN
BÄR, MARTIN       Married 1672       DIEFFENBACH, EVA
BÄR, MARTIN       Married 1713       GROFF, ANNA
BÄR, MARTINUS       Married 1833       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
BÄR, MARUM       Married 1815       ODENHEIMER, ETHEL
BÄR, MARY       Married 1847       SCHAITBERGER, JOHANN
BÄR, MATHIAS       Married 1831       KAUFFMANN, BARBARA
BÄR, MATHIAS       Married 1809       KÖHLER, ANNA
BÄR, MATHIAS       Married 1833       SCHLEICHER, BARBARA
BÄR, MELCHIOR       Married 1761       GROSS, ANNA
BÄR, MICHAEL       Married 1835       DONAUER, SUSANNA
BÄR, MICHAEL       Married 1869       GULDING, ANNA
BÄR, MICHAEL       Married 1713       OTT, ANNA
BÄR, MICHAEL       Married 1714       OTT, ELIZABETH
BÄR, MICHAEL       Married 1713       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
BÄR, MINNIE       Married 1865       MÜLLER, HEINRICH

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