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BÄR, ABRAHAM       Married 1732       EGEL, ANNA
BÄR, ABRAHAM       Married 1815       ODENHEIMER, ETHEL
BÄR, ADAM       Married 1569       HUBER, KATHRINA
BÄR, ADAM       Married 1565       PFISTER, ELSI
BÄR, ADAM       Married 1781       SCHNAVELY, ELIZABETH
BÄR, ADOLPH       Married 1892       VEF, KAROLINE
BÄR, AGATHA       Married 1745       GIESE, JOHANN
BÄR, AGNES       Married 1733       NUßPICKEL, JOHANN
BÄR, ANDREAS       Married 1802       SCHILLING, MAGDALENA
BÄR, ANDREAS       Married 1802       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
BÄR, ANDREAS       Married 1869       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1791       DÖRR, PETER
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1675       FLEINER, HANS
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1731       RINGGER, HANS
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1688       RITZ, HANS      
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1651       RUTISHAUSER, ANTONI
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1693       SCHENK, MICHAEL
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1865       SCHLEICHER, JOSEPHUS
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1740       SEIGEL, JOHANN
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1750       UHLER, JOHANN
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1824       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
BÄR, ANNA       Married 1733       WALDENBERGER, ANDREAS
BÄR, APOLONIA       Married 1824       MÜLLER, SIMON
BÄR, AUGUSTE       Married 1913       KNOCH, ERNST
BÄR, AURELIA       Married 1835       RUSS, JOHANN

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