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BÄCKER, GEORG       Married 1900       NEMENICH, LOUISA
BÄCKER, HEINRICH       Married 1925       MILLER, SOPHIE
BÄCKER, HENRY       Married 1887       BAUER, MATILDA
BÄCKER, IDA       Married 1918       SEIB, PHILIPP
BÄCKER, JAKOB       Married 1902       GEWINNER, KLARA
BÄCKER, JOHANN       Married 1754       KILIAN, CHRISTINA
BÄCKER, JOHANN       Married 1863       MÜLLER, BARBARA
BÄCKER, JOHANNE       Married 1860       WILD, ROSINE
BÄCKER, JOSEF       Married 1855       MANZ, MARGARETHE
BÄCKER, JOSEPH       Married 1861       MANDEL, MARGARETHA
BÄCKER, KARL       Married 1937       BÄCKER, LYDIA
BÄCKER, KAROLINE       Married 1884       MÜLLER, LUDWIG
BÄCKER, KAROLINE       Married 1848       RITTER, PETER
BÄCKER, KLARA       Married 1902       SEIFRIED, JAKOB
BÄCKER, LINA       Married 1907       GREB, FRANZ
BÄCKER, LYDIA       Married 1937       BÄCKER, KARL
BÄCKER, MARIA       Married 1727       ARNOLD, MICHAEL
BÄCKER, MARIA       Married 1921       HANDEL, CHRISTIAN
BÄCKER, MARIE       Married 1884       MÜLLER, LUDWIG
BÄCKER, PHILIPP       Married 1914       BÖHL, KLARA
BÄCKER, SAMUEL       Married 1922       LEFFLER, LEOKADIA
BÄCKER, THERESIA       Married 1841       MAIER, HEINRICH
BÄCKERT, HERMINE       Married 1927       KREIBICH, EMIL
BÄCKH, SVEN       Married 1946       WÅRD, MARGTA
BÄCKLIN, PETER       Married 1893       JANSSON, ERIKA

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