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BÁNFFY_VAS, DIENES       Married 1222       BÁNFFY VAS, DIENES
BÁNFFY_VAS, DIENES       Married 1222       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
BÁNFFY_VAS, II       Married 1256       ARPAD, MARGIT
BÁNFFY_VAS, II       Married 1338       PEGGAU, ANNA
BÁNFFY_VAS, TAMAS       Married 1300       KALOYAN, KATALIN
BÁNFFY_VAS, TAMAS       Married 1338       PEGGAU, ANNA
BÁNFFY_VAS, Z'       Married 1256       ARPAD, MARGIT
BÁNYAI, ERZSÉBET       Married 1862       BOROS IGNÁT, JÁNOS
BÁNYAI, ERZSÉBET       Married 1816       CZÉGÉNY, ISTVÁN
BÁNYAI, ERZSÉBET       Married 1786       KOLOS, JÁNOS
BÁNYAI, ERZSÉBET       Married 1759       SZATMÁRI, FERENC

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