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BLACKDEN, FRED       Married 1888       FULTON, STELLA
BLACKDEN, FRED       Married 1891       FULTON, STELLA
BLACKDEN, GEORGE       Married 1826       DENNY, MARY
BLACKDEN, GEORGE       Married 1885       SMITH, EMILY
BLACKDEN, GOFF       Married 1869       MCCASLIN, ANNIE
BLACKDEN, HARVEY       Married 1927       TAPLEY, SUSAN
BLACKDEN, HUI       Married 1979       BLACKDEN, CHARLES
BLACKDEN, IRENE       Married 1917       HAWKSLEY, GUY
BLACKDEN, IRENE       Married 1904       MARGISON, NORMAN
BLACKDEN, JENNIE       Married 1895       OTIS, FRANK
BLACKDEN, JOHN       Married 1816       BLAGDON, MARTHA
BLACKDEN, JOHN       Married 1850       COOKSON, SUBMIT
BLACKDEN, JOHN       Married 1822       JONES, RACHEL
BLACKDEN, JOHN       Married 1846       UNKNOWN, CHARLOTTE
BLACKDEN, JOSEPH       Married 1802       GETCHELL, JANE
BLACKDEN, JOY       Married 1949       COLEMAN, WHITNEY
BLACKDEN, KELLY       Married 1904       MARGISON, NORMAN
BLACKDEN, LAURA       Married 1917       HAWKSLEY, GUY
BLACKDEN, LEON       Married 1910       WADE, PEARL
BLACKDEN, LYDIA       Married 1756       FAIRBANKS, JOSEPH
BLACKDEN, LYDIA       Married 1902       OTIS, BENJAMIN
BLACKDEN, MADELYN       Married 1940       HOUSE, LINWOOD
BLACKDEN, MARY       Married 1802       GETCHELL, BENJAMIN

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