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BLEDSOE, OLIN       Married 1927       BUTLER, VERA
BLEDSOE, OLIVE       Married 1935       JOHNSON, JOSHUA
BLEDSOE, OLIVE       Married 1917       JOHNSON, WILLIAM
BLEDSOE, OLIVE       Married 1971       MAY, ROY
BLEDSOE, OLIVE       Married 1935       RAMSEY, JOHN
BLEDSOE, OLIVE       Married 1927       TAYLOR, LAWRENCE
BLEDSOE, OLIVER       Married 1942       ALLEN, ROSA
BLEDSOE, OLIVER       Married 1970       BLEDSOE, SUSAN
BLEDSOE, OLIVER       Married 1970       WILSON, SUSAN
BLEDSOE, OLIVER       Married 1930       WOOD, ETTA
BLEDSOE, OLIVIA       Married 1875       COBB, GEORGE
BLEDSOE, OLIVIA       Married 1875       COBB, REVEREND
BLEDSOE, OLIVIA       Married 1986       GRUENLER, CRAIG
BLEDSOE, OLLIE       Married 1875       COBB, GEORGE
BLEDSOE, OLLIE       Married 1895       HIGGINS, EMMET
BLEDSOE, OLLIE       Married 1895       HIGGINS, EMMETT
BLEDSOE, OLLIE       Married 1934       NICKELL, RALPH
BLEDSOE, OLLIE       Married 1893       TURNER, JAMES
BLEDSOE, OLLIE       Married 1905       WARREN, BEN
BLEDSOE, OMA       Married 1908       ELLICK, LLOYD
BLEDSOE, OMA       Married 1934       HORD, JACK
BLEDSOE, OMA       Married 1945       PEARL, JOSEPH
BLEDSOE, OMEGA       Married 1890       CHANEY, ALICE
BLEDSOE, OMEGA       Married 1983       CHANEY, ALICE

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