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BLANTON, JOSIAH       Married 1862       STEPP, JOHANNAH
BLANTON, JOSIAH       Married 1833       WESTBROOK, LUCY
BLANTON, JOSIE       Married 1902       LIPSCOMB, ALBIN
BLANTON, JOSIE       Married 1917       LITTERAL, HENRY
BLANTON, JOSIE       Married 1918       MIRACLE, GREEN
BLANTON, JOY       Married 1969       BLANTON, STANFORD
BLANTON, JOY       Married 1968       CLARK, DONALD
BLANTON, JOY       Married 1975       COOPER, KENNETH
BLANTON, JOY       Married 1984       JOBE, DANNY
BLANTON, JOY       Married 1963       MAXWELL, TOM
BLANTON, JOY       Married 1987       RIENDEAU, MARK
BLANTON, JOYCE       Married 1982       BLANTON, DENNIS
BLANTON, JOYCE       Married 1967       BLANTON, ROBERT
BLANTON, JOYCE       Married 1951       BLANTON, ROYCE
BLANTON, JOYCE       Married 1967       MORGAN, RAY
BLANTON, JOYCE       Married 1985       REAGOR, DON
BLANTON, JOYCE       Married 1978       REBOUL, JOE
BLANTON, JOYLEE       Married 1975       BLANTON, PAUL
BLANTON, JR       Married 1990       ALVAREZ, NANCY
BLANTON, JR       Married 1991       ARMOUR, STEPHANIE
BLANTON, JR       Married 1997       BELTRAN, EVELYN
BLANTON, JR       Married 1980       BLANTON, ANDREA
BLANTON, JR       Married 1976       BLANTON, ARNETTE

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