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BLANTON, FLOY       Married 1980       COLLINS, BENNY
BLANTON, FLOYD       Married 1922       E, LENA      
BLANTON, FLOYD       Married 1940       GILBERT, LUCY
BLANTON, FLOYD       Married 1910       ISON, LAURA
BLANTON, FLOYD       Married 1922       MEAD, LENA
BLANTON, FLOYD       Married 1922       MEADE, LENA
BLANTON, FLOYD       Married 1922       MEADE, LINNIE
BLANTON, FLOYD       Married 1924       MINNIE, UNKNOWN
BLANTON, FLOYD       Married 1920       MONTGOMERY, IDA
BLANTON, FLOYD       Married 1924       POLSON, MINNIE
BLANTON, FLOYD       Married 1924       UNKNOWN, MINNIE
BLANTON, FNU       Married 1930       CALDWELL, WRIGHT
BLANTON, FOREST       Married 1914       ELLIOTT, ERIE
BLANTON, FOREST       Married 1923       WALES, JEANNETTE
BLANTON, FORREST       Married 1914       ELLIOTT, ERIE
BLANTON, FORREST       Married 1988       HUNTER, JODIE
BLANTON, FORREST       Married 1914       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
BLANTON, FORTHEE       Married 1940       ETHERIDGE, LEE
BLANTON, FOSTER       Married 1916       MOTE, CLARA
BLANTON, FOSTER       Married 1896       WREN, REBECCA
BLANTON, FOSTER       Married 1896       WRENN, REBECCA
BLANTON, FRANCES       Married 1795       AYRES, THOMAS
BLANTON, FRANCES       Married 1878       BILYEU, JAMES
BLANTON, FRANCES       Married 1870       BLANTON, CHARLES

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