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BLESI, REGULA       Married 1863       ZOPFI, JOHANN
BLESI, ROSEMARIE       Married 1934       DAHL, CARL
BLESI, ROSINA       Married 1824       HOSLI, JOHANNES
BLESI, RUDOLF       Married 1670       JAEGER, KATHARINA
BLESI, RUDOLF       Married 1709       WILD, AGATHA
BLESI, RUDOLF USNR140 E       Married 1869       SHANK, ANNA
BLESI, SAMUEL       Married 1859       ELMER, ANNA
BLESI, SUSANNA       Married 1896       SCHNEIDER, JAKOB
BLESI, VATER       Married 1858       UNKNOWN, KATHERINE
BLESI, WAYNE US NR 140 C 1 C       Married 1946       CUNNINGHAM BERNDT, HELEN
BLESIC, MAGDALENA       Married 1900       GRUBER, ANTUN
BLESIE, DUDLEY       Married 1938       HEFTI, HELEN
BLESIE, HAROLD       Married 1950       SWANSON, HELEN
BLESIE, MAXINE       Married 1940       KUEHNAST, FLOYD
BLESIEN, ANNA       Married 1850       SCHRITT, JOHANN
BLESIN, ANNA       Married 1851       SCHMIDT, JOHANN
BLESING, ALBERT       Married 1911       GLASSON, ELIZA
BLESING, ALWINE       Married 1893       KLOSE, CARL
BLESING, BERYL       Married 1923       GOWER, WALTER
BLESING, BERYL       Married 1923       GOWER, WALTERJURS
BLESING, EDITH       Married 1906       WOOLFORD, EDWARD
BLESING, ERROL       Married 1936       GRAY, PEARL
BLESING, EVELINA       Married 1896       COE, WILLIAM

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