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BLATCH, EMMA       Married 1837       COOK, HENRY
BLATCH, FLORENCE       Married 1930       KENNING, GEORGE
BLATCH, FREDERICK       Married 1882       PAYNE, EMILY
BLATCH, GEORGE       Married 1915       CHILTON, ELLEN
BLATCH, GEORGE       Married 1806       ROBERTS, MARIA
BLATCH, HARRY       Married 1920       MULDOON, HELEN
BLATCH, HARRY       Married 1920       PORTER, HELEN
BLATCH, HELEN       Married 1942       BLATCH, JOSEPH
BLATCH, HENRY       Married 1833       BATCHELOR, SARAH
BLATCH, HENRY       Married 1908       BISHOP, ALYSE
BLATCH, HENRY       Married 1921       COUTTS, ELSIE
BLATCH, HENRY       Married 1877       FLINT, CATHERINE
BLATCH, HENRY       Married 1882       SHARP, MARY
BLATCH, HENRY       Married 1912       TOWNSEND, SUSANNAH
BLATCH, HERBERT       Married 1949       BOYD, ANNABELLA
BLATCH, HOWARD       Married 1968       DOYLE, LINDA
BLATCH, JAMES       Married 1916       BAIRD, ISABELLA
BLATCH, JAMES       Married 1872       BENNETT, ELIZABETH
BLATCH, JAMES       Married 1853       BIRD, SOPHIA
BLATCH, JANE       Married 1868       MATHESON, JOHN
BLATCH, JOHN       Married 1882       PEARCE, GRACE
BLATCH, JOSEPH       Married 1942       BLATCH, HELEN
BLATCH, JOSEPH       Married 1969       BLATCH, ROSE

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